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    Cup match at Sheffield arranged for a Sunday afternoon

    There is some confusion here Blue Monkey. The Sheffield web site posted yesterday saying the tie is confirmed as Saturday 19th March at 3.30pm at the Bawtry Road ground. The RFL fixture page shows the same details. I sent a message to the Lions Media page on Facebook this afternoon and the reply was that nothing was confirmed as yet.
  2. dummy scissors


    I hope your home ground situation is sorted out soon. As a Swinton supporter I sympathise with your plight. I have chosen to remain a paying spectator during our 20+ years exile from Swinton. We have had unpopular owners and poor management over the years and many people chose not to follow the team anymore which is understandable. However, the few hundred who remained as paying spectators helped keep the club alive through the bad times and now we are begining to thrive again under more dynamic and enlightened management. We still don't have a ground in Swinton and it might be a while yet before we do when, hopefully, even more of our lapsed support will return to the fold. To me supporting the team of players who go out and do their best for the club they represent with their skill and hard work is more important than whoever may be managing the club be they good or bad. Stick with your team and help bring back the good times at York. The lads who pull on the jersey every week deserve your support.
  3. dummy scissors

    Blackpool Big Bash: The iPRO League 1 Cup Final

    Well played Cru - the better team won a tough, hard fought battle.
  4. dummy scissors

    We are not alone

    Speaking of getting news circulating everything has gone quiet on the community development front. I understand Jamie Elkaleh who was involved with this side of things as well as performance analysis has left the club and moved on to Salford. Is there anything going on in the background? I've not noticed anything on Facebook.
  5. dummy scissors

    New signing

    John Roddy has announced on Salford City Radio this evening that Andy Thornley has joined the club. Thornley is serving a ban from the game that ends at the begining of June. Two new directors will be announced on the club website soon and both are supporters often seen at matches.
  6. dummy scissors


    At every home game at Sedgley the atmosphere is diluted to some extent by people choosing to watch from various places spread around the ground. I'm sure there will be a good atmosphere created by those who want to group together at Bloomfield Road. It's a matter of personal choice where to sit to watch the game but I'm not keen on the idea of the RFL choosing where they will allocate seats for Swinton fans wanting a side on view - could end up in a rubbish position.
  7. dummy scissors


    Any news on tickets in the main stand?
  8. dummy scissors

    Mick Govin

    He played for the first time in our 50 -12 drubbing at Barrow on Saturday and if his performance there was anything to go by I would not be unhappy if he moved on to Whitehaven.
  9. dummy scissors


    I talked to the RFL ticket line and they also said that seats in other areas of the ground might eventually be made available to Swinton. They also suggested buying tickets from from the likes of Bradford, Leigh, Feathersone and Sheffield who have been alocated tickets in the central blocks of the main stand. The stand on the opposite side of the ground to the main stand is unlikely to be open unless demand for tickets exceed expectations.
  10. dummy scissors


    Are all the tickets allocated to our club for the North Stand? I like to watch a game from a side view close to the half way line if possible and wonder if tickets for other areas are available through the club.
  11. dummy scissors

    Newcastle - revised date

    Maybe some players and staff had arranged time away for the bank holiday.
  12. dummy scissors

    Iain Morrison gone to Fev?

    John Duffy mentioned this may well happen in his interview after the Hemel match on Lions TV.
  13. dummy scissors

    Wigan pair sign on loan

    Fair enough Steve.
  14. dummy scissors

    Wigan pair sign on loan

    Gardner joining the Club does seem to have gone through without the usual official welcome to the player. I believe he is on the photographs taken at the town hall the other day so he must be one of the team.
  15. dummy scissors


    It sounds to me as though the St Ambrose area is destined for other uses and a stadium there is not going to happen. I know the Club will do everything it can to get us back to M27 and has already made great strides in raising the profile and influence of the Club in the area but it is still a disappointment to see another possible solution bite the dust.