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  1. I remember going to see us play Chorley in the first game of the 91-92 (post Crown Flatt season) - still have the programme, and there's a report online of us beating the Lynx here: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6131323.lancashire-lynx-22-dewsbury-rams-12/
  2. What do people reckon our chances are? I'm hoping Storm Dennis will see us summon the spirit of flying Crown Flatt winger Bailey and help us soar to an unlikely win. But my head is predicting a creditable 12-point defeat. Crowd 1,582.
  3. Was an excellent game. Thornhill desperately unlucky to lose in the last two minutes. We should sign their loose forward.
  4. Anyone know any? Hoping to catch Wigan v Warrington tonight.
  5. Will go to this one. My first time seeing Thornhill, who I will be supporting. (I hear they do programmes and too)
  6. Remember them going out at a reserve match three years ago. The match was abandoned, as was the team after that. Hope they get tested before Friday night.
  7. Some interesting posts on the TotalRL Collectors' Forum with a couple of people saying they are boycotting Dewsbury and Batley this season because they won't be producing programmes. Anoraks maybe, but a lot of sports fans are. Also interesting to note how 'amateur' clubs like Normanton, Thornhill, Dewsbury Moor and even Sherwood Wolf Hunt (!) manage to produce programmes on far smaller crowds and budgets. Hope the club can reconsider its decision.
  8. Please can you guys post these messages on our (Dewsbury's) club forum. You make good points. There is already a thread active on this subject and maybe someone at the club will take note.
  9. Hopefully something will replace the programme and if it does then I think the essential elements should be the following: Chairman's comments - the club is often criticised for it's lack of communication, yet Mark's column was often frank, open and would hint at future developments. Coach's comments - likewise, with a coach being forced to write a few words every week they would be forced to reveal a bit of their personality. Even Warren Jowett did it. Statistics - probably the most important of all is the spreadsheet which said who played where against who and scored what. Those pages settled many a post-match debate in the Royal Suite. I'm not a huge statto who wants to know how many yards a player ran or how many farts they did in the dressing room, but I like to follow who the top try scorers and goalkickers are, and who has made the most appearances. Please, powers that be, can you make this information available to the fans this season as it wasn't available anywhere else except the programme.
  10. Great afternoon on the field and plenty to be positive about. They looked well organised and had a good team spirit. Impressed by Johnson and Gabriel particularly but looked strong throughout. Just make sure all the floodlights are working for the Leigh game.
  11. Didn't go to the game due to work commitments but will be at the Bradford friendly. Did young Morgan Punchard get much of a run?
  12. Still buy programmes and hoping to see them on sale this season.
  13. You got ripped off. Queued for 15 minutes at the adult standing turnstiles. Confusingly, the signs advertised the prices as 18 pounds and 16 pounds. When we finally got to the turnstile we were told it was 15 pounds to get in! Also the Royal Suite seems to have massively underestimated how many people want a drink after the match. Thoroughly enjoyable day otherwise.
  14. The RFL should have them, if Ralph Rimmer hasn't put them down the side of his settee. The simple-yet-wonderful nrl.com website has all the results going back to 1908 for all to see. We can only dream of such wonders.
  15. Already got my ticket for this. First live RL match for two years. Can't wait.
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