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  1. Broadstairs, Kent, about three years ago. Think it was also a Sainsbury's.
  2. Aaron Woods would never get in at Dewsbury past Connor Scott and Luke Nelmes though I reckon they would do a good job at Cronulla.
  3. The lad who came from Hull KR and helped us beat Halifax this season was the best. He was chomping at the bit to be on the field and scored a try. Forgotten his name but he put in a shift and then some. The rest have all been forgettable, other than Fifita and co who were memorable only for the fact they were so bad.
  4. Who was the guy who jumped over the advertising boards and landed head first on the ground? Russell Smith was refereeing that night, one of his first ever games. Met him a few years later and asked him about the match and he remembered it well.
  5. Will never forget December 3, 1991, Monday night away to Scarborough, running home from school to take the supporters bus for the evening kick off. What a match.
  6. Looks good to me, even though I never got to see some of those guys play. Thanks for bringing them to life.
  7. Seeing as it's highly unlikely any of us are going to see any of our red, amber and black heroes play for a good while, how about we have a competition to see how many Dewsbury players we can spot out and about? One point for a current player, two points for a past player. I'll start: Liam Finn cycling through Ossett.
  8. I would send through Fulham, Wigan, Widnes, Wakey, GB, Dewsbury, Halifax and Cas. We should make the semis. Almost makes me want to join twitter.
  9. After Will Forsyth, another terribly sad day for the club. Jack was coach just after I first started watching Dewsbury and helped to put together that great team of the early 1990s. Was always very approachable and I remember him helping me out with a school project once. He was still the face of the club long after we moved to the new ground. Will be very much missed.
  10. Used to like seeing Dennis Trembath warming up on the touchline in his black duffel coat. Always knew you were about to see some action.
  11. I meant that they weren't replaced as rugby league grounds. A lot of teams just moved in with football clubs, etc.
  12. The artist's impression is fairly similar now we have the terracing behind the sticks. Be good to get some down the other end one day. Still very proud of our stadium, especially when you think of some of the bigger clubs of the early 1990s who never really replaced their grounds - Oldham, Halifax, Swinton, etc.
  13. Roy Kinnear's dad played for Wigan.
  14. Andy Vincent. Played one game at Crown Flatt and I think he may even have scored a try up the slope. Maurice Bamford signing circa 1989, I think. Don't think it was a great season though.
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