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  1. Already got my ticket for this. First live RL match for two years. Can't wait.
  2. It's hard to see how marketing or promoting this game was going to improve the crowd. Surely every Warrington and Castleford fan knew this game was on, and of its importance to their season. The hardcore fans are the prime audience and if they chose not to go, does this not suggest that there may be something wrong with the play-off format? The appeal just does not seem to be there. Even after 21 years of end of season play-offs it seems there is still a big difference in mentality between Australian and British RL fans. Would be very interesting to hear the opinions of those who chose not to go. A job for Super League maybe.
  3. Remember 19 years ago when Dewsbury were denied their rightful promotion to Super League ostensibly because the ground was deemed not to be up to standard? I find it galling that the likes of Bradford and Wakefield - who were both flying high at that time and whose only concern with Dewsbury then was to try and attract fans in the area - are now coming to us cap in hand for help because they've not managed to keep their own houses in order. Were it not for the fact that this is a much-needed income stream (and I hope we are getting a lot more than the 2k a match that has been mentioned) then I would happily have told Bradford to shove it. Also hope some of their fans will be a bit more humble than on previous visits when they've seen fit to mock our ground.
  4. Always enjoy the HWD coverage, if not the outcomes of the games they cover.
  5. Just read that he has passed away. Will always have fond childhood memories of some of the great games we played under him in the late 1980s. A man who did so much for rugby league and Dewsbury RLFC.
  6. Incredibly sad news. Was Dewsbury's coach when I became a fan aged around 13 and have fond memories of passively smoking his cigars while stood behind the dugout at Crown Flatt. He turned around our team of the late 1980s into one that toppled some fairly big teams of the time - Wakefield, St Helens, Halifax - while playing some champagne rugby and putting on extravagant set-piece moves. Enjoyed reading his match reports and books after he retired. A man who did a lot for the sport he loved.
  7. I've enjoyed my trips to Toulouse in recent years, despite the inevitable defeats for my team. However I've always felt that the official crowd figures given have been vastly inflated from the attendance in the ground. I don't think there has ever been more than 500 when I have watched Dewsbury play there, yet the published gate has often been 2,000 plus. I would like to see them get in Super League but I can't see them being another Catalans. I would love to be proved wrong though.
  8. I don't think any of the players weren't trying. Like Wakefield Ram said there was a lack of organisation and creativity when we got near the Batley line. It's always disappointing to lose a derby but in the wider scheme of things we're still in a reasonable league position and showed at Widnes and Featherstone, as well as at home to Toronto, that we can compete with the best in this division. Reading Lee Greenwood's interview after the Batley match, it sounds like he's trying to mould the younger and less experienced players into what he wants. That will take time and this coach and crop of players deserve patience from the fans. Before the start of this season (given the crop of relatively unproven players) I would happily have taken 10th spot and four pints clear of relegation (with a game in hand) at this stage. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Onwards and upwards.
  9. I think I can remember Dennis's try against Fulham - didn't he kick around the fullback down the slope? Was there for the 9-2 defeat to Highfield too. If that game had gone on for another 30 years we still wouldn't have won it. It felt like watching inertia.
  10. Any chance you can post a clip?
  11. Following from overseas and haven't seen Dewsbury play in person for two years but from what I've been reading and seeing online this seems like the most exciting season for a while to be a supporter. At our best we have gone toe to toe with the best in the Championship and at our worst we have scrapped it out with the bottom feeders. Toulouse next week should be interesting. Well done to the players, coach and fans who made it to Widnes today.
  12. At Dewsbury, it was probably signing six South African rugby union players - purportedly on megabucks - in 1995, only two or three of whom made the first team but made little impression. This was also around the period we went full-time and were coached by Rocky Turner (who also failed to live up to his name) - not long before almost going under and being described by Maurice Lindsay as "the worst run club in rugby league" (quite a claim). Makes me quite thankful now that we have a smart RL stadium and a well run club.
  13. Nice post. Always enjoyed Eddie and Stevo's commentary, and their enthusiasm for the sport has always come across. Had the pleasure of meeting both men in Auckland in 2010. Eddie, Stevo and Ray French were the voices that introduced me to televised rugby league and I will miss them. All the best Eddie.
  14. I live in Singapore and there was a Singapore Rugby League Facebook group started a few years ago but nothing seemed to come of it: https://www.facebook.com/Singapore-Rugby-League-119424708128317/
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