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  1. Are away fans going to be allowed in for the games on the 17th? I've heard different reports.
  2. Should have kicked the penalty when we got back to 20-20.
  3. Re-read the post - weekend May 8 and 9. Currently reads that we play Halifax at home, 3pm kick-off.
  4. I want to tip us to win, as that's what my head and heart are both saying, for once. Bradford 20 Dewsbury 28. Attendance: 1 (Me going down Owl Lane on the top deck of the 117 bus) On the subject of OurLeague, they still haven't published any broadcast times for the games the weekend of May 8/9 and they're all still down as 3pm. So far they've announced staggered broadcast times a month or so in advance. Probably wishful thinking, but I was wondering if it means there's a chance limited crowds might be let in.
  5. Magnificent across the field, very composed performance.
  6. Would like to see Bayley Liu get a run, he looked pretty fearsome in that first friendly.
  7. Hardly a "traditional defeat", BSJ, given that we've turned them over home and away in the last couple of seasons. Hopefully Salford softened them up last week and I reckon we will improve a bit more from last week. A free-scoring affair on the plaggy pitch, but a 32-28 defeat - albeit with plenty of encouragement for the men in red, amber and black. Attendance: Two Scouse scallies who break into the stadium. OurLeague network interruptions: One
  8. Day's try didn't look a try from the camera whereas Mossop's did, however the referee had a better view than us. Maybe Sam got the ball down when he first went to ground as the ref seemed pretty certain about it. I'm not complaining anyway. By the way, in the club photos posted on Facebook, did anyone notice there seemed to be two or three faces poked above the fence at the Owl Lane end? Wonder if they got a good view.
  9. Casting from my phone to the TV has been really simple, as long as both are connected to the same WiFi. Full marks for OurLeague so far.
  10. The Mirror still does northern and even local editions. There's a Leeds edition which has featured the Rhinos on the front page a few times and there's at least one RL story a day in the national edition, often a full page.
  11. Whitehaven played really well. They were patient and composed. Had we been, we might have scraped home.
  12. The coverage and commentary was amateurish in every respect, and made it very difficult to focus on the game - though I thought it brought the gloom of Belle Vue into my living room rather well. From the bits of it I could make out, it was probably the kind of game we needed before Whitehaven, bringing us down to earth after the euphoria of rugby returning and beating Batley, and showing us the areas we need to tidy up in. I reckon the team for next week will be the nucleus of last year's side with the addition of Hall, Butterworth, Garrett and maybe Carr and Tomlinson. Newcastle bea
  13. Yep, bit shambolic compared to OurLeague last week.
  14. Anyone know if you can cast the game to your TV like on OurLeague? Or can you only watch TrinityTV on devices?
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