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  1. Yes, remember seeing a picture of Gary Cocks in a Wakefield shirt in Open Rugby in the 1980s. He won a player of the month award.
  2. He looked very fit in the few games we played this year. Every sign he can do a good job for us. I think Finny will continue to create a few tries too.
  3. Tony Marchant, Paul Medley and David Watkinson finished their careers at Dewsbury and must have been mid to late 30s. Paul Sykes must be in the running for the title. But I hope he goes round again in 2021. Ditto Liam Finn.
  4. Some good ideas from the other side of the valley there and I think we should be replicating some of them - eg. opening the bar and having a draw.
  5. See main website. 2020 season cancelled and a voluntary competition in its place with a 250k prize pot. Sensible decision. Hope we play in it!
  6. If this is true I hope Catalans refuse to go to Leeds, or wherever, in return for their management being self-serving dipsticks. It's like something from a primary school playground. I can't see why any club would want to squander a positive opportunity for the sport for something so petty. The phrase "rugby league family" is quickly bandied around in times of tragedy but when it comes to basic morality, it's out of the window. As a previous poster said, where is the leadership from the game's authorities?
  7. Gary Carter is a trustworthy source - and I hope he names and shames those who are trying to stop these games so they can be publicly ridiculed. Surely we should be celebrating the fact that crowds in the Northern Hemisphere can attend rugby league games again and bending over backwards to get games on in Perpignan if they are allowed to let supporters in. It's a great moment for rugby league supporters, whichever team you follow.
  8. Broadstairs, Kent, about three years ago. Think it was also a Sainsbury's.
  9. Aaron Woods would never get in at Dewsbury past Connor Scott and Luke Nelmes though I reckon they would do a good job at Cronulla.
  10. The lad who came from Hull KR and helped us beat Halifax this season was the best. He was chomping at the bit to be on the field and scored a try. Forgotten his name but he put in a shift and then some. The rest have all been forgettable, other than Fifita and co who were memorable only for the fact they were so bad.
  11. Who was the guy who jumped over the advertising boards and landed head first on the ground? Russell Smith was refereeing that night, one of his first ever games. Met him a few years later and asked him about the match and he remembered it well.
  12. Will never forget December 3, 1991, Monday night away to Scarborough, running home from school to take the supporters bus for the evening kick off. What a match.
  13. Looks good to me, even though I never got to see some of those guys play. Thanks for bringing them to life.
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