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  1. Newcastle 16 Dewsbury 30, att. 815 I really hope it isn't the last game for a while. These are precious times for Dewsbury fans.
  2. Struggling to post anything constructive after that win as there wasn't much to complain about. So I'll just say.. well done and thank you to all the players and staff.
  3. Can't believe there aren't more posts about today's game, but I'm putting it down to shell shock. That's two really hard-fought wins in a row now. Normally one win like that a season would be something special. A real hearty congratulations to all the players, coaching and backroom staff for giving us supporters a big lift.
  4. Whitehaven and Newcastle - long trips but both winnable games and a good chance to have a cup run that will live long in the memories of supporters. Hope we give it a good go.
  5. Any hint as to when this will be played?
  6. Tough one to predict as there are a few unknown quantities in the squad but going on current team spirit, I will go for a Dewsbury win. Whitehaven 14 Dewsbury 20 Attendance: 528
  7. Great pics, have fond memories of visiting Fartown. Is Barrow the visiting team in the second pic? They were the first opponents at Dewsbury's new stadium in 1994.
  8. I remember going to see us play Chorley in the first game of the 91-92 (post Crown Flatt season) - still have the programme, and there's a report online of us beating the Lynx here: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6131323.lancashire-lynx-22-dewsbury-rams-12/
  9. What do people reckon our chances are? I'm hoping Storm Dennis will see us summon the spirit of flying Crown Flatt winger Bailey and help us soar to an unlikely win. But my head is predicting a creditable 12-point defeat. Crowd 1,582.
  10. Was an excellent game. Thornhill desperately unlucky to lose in the last two minutes. We should sign their loose forward.
  11. Anyone know any? Hoping to catch Wigan v Warrington tonight.
  12. Will go to this one. My first time seeing Thornhill, who I will be supporting. (I hear they do programmes and too)
  13. Remember them going out at a reserve match three years ago. The match was abandoned, as was the team after that. Hope they get tested before Friday night.
  14. Some interesting posts on the TotalRL Collectors' Forum with a couple of people saying they are boycotting Dewsbury and Batley this season because they won't be producing programmes. Anoraks maybe, but a lot of sports fans are. Also interesting to note how 'amateur' clubs like Normanton, Thornhill, Dewsbury Moor and even Sherwood Wolf Hunt (!) manage to produce programmes on far smaller crowds and budgets. Hope the club can reconsider its decision.
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