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  1. Not sure team selection is our biggest problem. I think all the players in our squad are worthy of the shirt - the problem is when they put it on they all look they've been told different things. We seem to lack aggression and co-ordination over the 80 minutes and, at best, only show it for brief spells. London looked like they wanted to win more on Sunday, and showed aggression in attack and defence for the full 80. We only got our act together in the second half and even then it was somewhat shambolic.
  2. Result aside it was one of my favourite away games in a long time. I know London aren't great at the moment but I stayed in the stadium bar until 8pm and the home fans were still singing and dancing. Brilliant bar and beers. The rugby league heart beats outside the M62 for sure.
  3. Thought Kyle Trout played well on Sunday and he'll be important against London. Sad to see the Broncos struggling. They've always been my second team and are a vital club to our sport. Looking forward to visiting the new ground at Wimbledon and hoping for a good day out.
  4. Going to take a big turnaround in effort, attitude and tactics to get anything from this game. I just can't see where it's going to come from though. I notice Mark Aston was praising Bayley Liu for his offload game in this week's League Express. Liked him when he was at Dewsbury. Aaron Hall has an offload in him too, but we don't seem to see him much. Will be going in blind hope on Sunday. Hopefully the home faithful can spur them on.
  5. Sad to have to resort to DR loans but not much choice. We were very poor at Workington and looked way off being a Championship side.
  6. What made it hardest to deal with was the lack of ideas with ball in hand. I can't see how the absent players can address that. The whole squad should be buying into a way in which we play the game and that just seems to be one up rugby. Teams who play us have little to fear right now.
  7. Looking forward to travelling up for this one, I last visited Derwent Park in 1993 when you hammered us – we had a strong team then too. Any good real ale pubs near the ground?
  8. Hope we can carry that spirit up to Workington on Sunday. It may well be a different team but a win up there will be important to maintain confidence.
  9. Dewsbury have beaten Widnes in the last three or four games but think that run will come to an end Monday.
  10. Pretty sure it was 1990. Have got programme at home and will check later. Think we had a sin binning too. Midweek match
  11. Was a great event and nice to see so many of my old heroes looking well. Stevo and Tommy Smales are from before my time but both spoke well, and Stevo was right about talking up the game. We are all so negative about it sometimes. In fact, a lot of the time.
  12. So Channel 4 will be "great for widening the notoriety of the sport"? Never trust a Tory.
  13. There are definite positives from the pre-season games. We have signed two mobile halfbacks who look like they can kick 40-20s and Mr Peltier looks like he has an offload game. Those are two attacking modes we didn't appear to have last year. Dale Ferguson had a couple of awesome runs and even Hull KR had trouble holding him. Those fans put off by last season's "one-up" style of rugby should give us another chance.
  14. Flateartherstone to win, Leigh to self-combust two thirds of the way through the season. Adrian Lam hasn't proved himself as a coach, unlike McDermott, and Fev seem to have the bigger pot of cash. Dewsbury to squeeze in the top 10. Bring it on!
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