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  1. Are you thinking of Geoff Tolson ?
  2. Just looked at my records and it was Tony Price an Australian via Halifax but for some reason his appearances etc weren't printed in the 75/76 yearbook ..But as you prove BSJ he was listed as G Price in team photo in said yearbook ...
  3. G Price was an aussie prop not sure but think he was with Halifax before playing a few games at Crown Flatt
  4. John Hegarty was a centre from Wakefield Trinity [ex Hawick RU] and it was in semi final of BBC2 floodlight comp in 1975 when we wore the black shirts with inverted shevrons of red and amber for centenary of rugby in Dewsbury sadly lost at St Helens in final again a bit of scratch line up due to injuries etc .....seem to recall Phil Artis kicked a goal in final at Saints .
  5. EGP and got suspended 1 game on RFL disciplinary pages
  6. Thats what he said when on Rugby-AM a few weeks ago ..
  7. the good friday game on April 14 th is a 1 pm kick off so it says on fixture list on web pages
  8. Think Sowerby was at Bradford last season ?
  9. Wasn't there some problems last year when Roger T Ram was told by Kirklees and Pulse people he wasn't allowed ?
  10. in Reporter is says Thursday 24 November .
  11. Rest in peace Keith And my condolences to the Boffin Family N
  12. Don't know how to post link quote from T&A "Morrison is now assisted by former Bulls star Karl Pryce , who enjoyed two stints at Odsal during his playing career . Morrison said 'Karl hung up his boots up halfway through the season and he's signed on to by my assistant coach for next year too' 'He's got a good footy brain and has made the transition from the playing to coaching side pretty easily '' etc etc etc
  13. Wasn't it James who put it on his Facebook , not club announcing his re signing ?
  14. Please its depressing enough so no more mainly Black shirts ... Perhaps stick with red , amber , black and add a white hoop ; or biased on the 1975 shirt but white [not black] with r.a.b inverted chevrons ..? and like the 1999 approx shirt the white one with the green, blue drawing of a rams head again could be any colours . as away shirt N
  15. Well you'll be happy as Mr Cobb is due to be ref on Sunday .....