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  1. budgiezilla


    Well done Leigh & Oldham !!!
  2. budgiezilla

    Leigh reaction.

    Yes he's good, but you're judging Sammut after 1 home game against us....'head and shoulders above any Leigh player'' I doubt it very much.
  3. budgiezilla

    LEIGH predictions

    First 20 minutes it was like we were playing Workington Amatuers (sorry), but the next 40 minutes, it was like a proper game. Town's 3rd try was one of the best in the game, nice 'chip & chase' from Sammutt on the left touchline, and then the move carries on, and you score on the opposite touchline. I imagine the game on Easter Monday, won't be as easy for us.
  4. budgiezilla

    Leigh (away) Round 5

    Thought I'd reply AC as only you have replied to yourself so far. You might win, BUT our pack is still awesome, just our backs are 'changed' yet again !!! I'm not mentioning HIM, but we're missing a few, don't know if you guys are. Leigh by 10 (hopefully for me)
  5. budgiezilla


    Correct....Reckons he doesn't need to train 'every day'. WHAT A MUPPET !
  6. budgiezilla

    Challenge Cup Draw

  7. budgiezilla

    Today's Game

    Thought you guys played well in the 1st half, and even better in the last 20 minutes. Overall the scoreline flattered us, it was the 32 points in the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half that caused this.... Hope you stay up, not enough Lancashire teams in our league !!
  8. budgiezilla

    Superb Batley stun “unbeatable” Centurions

    Think it's a little unfair to mention a 'few' comments by Leigh fans and even BIG Derek Beaumont and then 'laugh at us'. I knew it would be tough today, but still thought we'd win. John Kear v Virgin Coach !!! Joking aside, great presult for you guys, didn't go to the game, but last 15 minutes sounded quite exciting on mixlr radio. Obviously gutted we lost, but mainly due to the fact, we're 'getting it from all angles' on RLFANS.COM !!! Personally I feel the other fans should be complimenting Batley, rather than be laughing at us. Yes, we've spent a $hit load of money on players, but we did not got beaten by some amatuer side. Enjoy your evening/beers, I know I would if I was you. Dave
  9. budgiezilla

    Bulldogs on Sunday

    Nice one BirstallDog !!
  10. budgiezilla

    Bulldogs on Sunday

    Cheers, will try and enjoy it...but you guys have the BEST coach in the championship ! How bad do you think the pitch might be, have you had the rain we've had in Lancashire past few days ? ( a helluva lot)
  11. budgiezilla

    Bulldogs on Sunday

    Leigh fan here....I hardly ever bet apart from when it's the grand national. BUT when you got Catalans at your place in the cup, I fancied a shock was going to happen. I guess you must have been going well at the time, Catalans hardly ever win in England, and they will hate your sloping pitch. So I put a tenner on for a Batley win....was more than confident. Was amazed when they scored over 70 points !
  12. budgiezilla

    Chase and new salary cap

    Bless...another bunch of fans obsessed with Leigh Centurions....worthy of another BLESS......
  13. budgiezilla

    Oldham Promoted

    ha ha....nice one !
  14. budgiezilla

    Oldham Promoted

    Well done Guys (n Gals). Finally a local-ish derby for Leigh Centurions next season ! Enjoy your celebrations folks....
  15. budgiezilla

    Whitehaven free game?

    Are Bradford not you're rivals's also ? Whoops......NO ! Hunslet are..YEE YOU YEE LEIGH !!!!!