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  1. any news from the Mount? Means nothing to me ? Is this the news ?
  2. carvel

    Long enough to get a nice 5 figure sum from saints with numerous add on"s
  3. carvel

    Waste of stupid money for a prop . Not that bothered we didn't sign him . Happy with what we have .
  4. New signing

    Jason crookes
  5. Tom Thackray

    Signed a permanent contract with the club after impressing on trial . Thought he looked impressive and a big unit against Dewsbury
  6. Taproom

    Been in quite a few times for a few quiet ones on a Friday night , got to say its a really nice relaxing pub , nice comfy sofa's for us that are knocking on . Im sure they do sponsor the club (may have an advertising board not sure ) . I believe they also attend the games and are fans of the club . When we were in there before christmas the bloke said after the Boxing day friendly everyone was welcome back there and he would be putting on pork sarnies along with roast potatoes as you say . If you are in the other side of the pub then there is also memorabilia on the walls from the NRC final and other things framed on the wall . Am certain the owners have a connection with a couple of people who do a heck of a lot of work for the club/bissa so that may be where the link to the club has come from .
  7. Youre currently losing 32 30 and no im not winding you up
  8. todays results

    Believe me you are streets ahead of Widnes , Batley didnt turn up in the 1st half and 18 nil down after 9 minutes was about as bad as it could get , you have nothing to worry about with Widnes , they are not as good as you by a 'country mile ' oh hang on :rolleyes:
  9. Matt James

  10. New Coach

    Get mixing some cement then ya lazy ###### and then you can do our driveway. Ring Mallinson he'll give you a hand