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Relegation is “Plan Z”, says new Bradford Bulls chairman
Steve Ferres (left) and Marc Green (right). ©BradfordBulls

Relegation is “Plan Z”, says new Bradford Bulls chairman

by: Aaron Bower, April 3, 2014, 1:00 pm

New Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green insists he is not even thinking about the club getting relegated, labelling it “Plan Z” in his list of options for the club’s future.

Green met the press today, for the first time since his takeover of the club was completed last Wednesday. And he spoke passionately of his pride to be involved with the club, as well as claiming every other plan will be exhausted before relegation is even contemplated.

“Relegation isn’t something I’m thinking about. Over the last seven days myself and my colleagues have plans in place, from Plan A to Plan Z. You’re talking about Plan Z, and that is only going to come into effect until A to Y has been exhausted,” Green told the media.

“I’m happy to be in the box seat. It’s been very interesting, eye-opening, but when you scratch below the surface it’s no different to any other business really.

“There was a requirement for offers to be delivered by the 13th of March. I had put in an offer in that if others don’t step up I was happy to do so. But up until the 21st of March I was under the impression a different consortium had taken the club. When I received the call I was told my bid was there and I was happy to take up the challenge.”

Pick up Monday’s League Express for a full and extensive interview with Green, including his thoughts on the Bulls appealing their points deduction, as well as the make-up of the club’s new board.

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