2021 NRL Fixtures

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Thursday 11th March
Melbourne Storm v South Sydney RabbitohsSky 09:05
Friday 12th March
Newcastle Knights v Canterbury Bulldogs07:00
Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels09:05
Saturday 13th March
New Zealand Warriors v Gold Coast Titans04:00
Sydney Roosters v Manly Sea EaglesSky 06:30
Penrith Panthers v North Queensland CowboysSky 08:35
Sunday 14th March
Canberra Raiders v Wests Tigers05:05
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Cronulla Sharks07:15
Thursday 18th March
Parramatta Eels v Melbourne StormSky 09:05
Friday 19th March
New Zealand Warriors v Newcastle Knights07:00
Gold Coast Titans v Brisbane BroncosSky 09:05
Saturday 20th March
Canterbury Bulldogs v Penrith Panthers04:00
Manly Sea Eagles v South Sydney Rabbitohs06:30
North Queensland Cowboys v St George-Illawarra Dragons08:35
Sunday 21st March
Wests Tigers v Sydney Roosters05:05
Cronulla Sharks v Canberra RaidersSky 07:15
Thursday 25th March
Penrith Panthers v Melbourne StormSky 09:05
Friday 26th March
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Manly Sea Eagles07:00
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Sydney RoostersSky 09:05
Saturday 27th March
Canberra Raiders v New Zealand Warriors04:00
Brisbane Broncos v Canterbury Bulldogs06:30
Parramatta Eels v Cronulla SharksSky 08:35
Sunday 28th March
Newcastle Knights v Wests Tigers06:05
North Queensland Cowboys v Gold Coast Titans08:15
Thursday 1st April
Manly Sea Eagles v Penrith Panthers10:05
Friday 2nd April
Canterbury Bulldogs v South Sydney Rabbitohs06:05
Melbourne Storm v Brisbane Broncos10:05
Saturday 3rd April
Cronulla Sharks v North Queensland Cowboys07:30
Gold Coast Titans v Canberra Raiders09:35
Sunday 4th April
Newcastle Knights v St George-Illawarra Dragons07:05
Sydney Roosters v New Zealand Warriors09:15
Monday 5th April
Wests Tigers v Parramatta Eels07:00
Thursday 8th April
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Brisbane Broncos10:50
Friday 9th April
New Zealand Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles09:00
Penrith Panthers v Canberra Raiders10:55
Saturday 10th April
Gold Coast Titans v Newcastle Knights06:00
Canterbury Bulldogs v Melbourne Storm08:30
Sydney Roosters v Cronulla Sharks10:35
Sunday 11th April
Wests Tigers v North Queensland Cowboys07:05
Parramatta Eels v St George-Illawarra Dragons09:15
Thursday 15th April
Brisbane Broncos v Penrith Panthers10:50
Friday 16th April
Newcastle Knights v Cronulla Sharks09:00
Melbourne Storm v Sydney Roosters10:55
Saturday 17th April
Manly Sea Eagles v Gold Coast Titans06:00
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers08:30
Canberra Raiders v Parramatta Eels10:35
Sunday 18th April
St George-Illawarra Dragons v New Zealand Warriors05:00
North Queensland Cowboys v Canterbury Bulldogs07:05
Thursday 22nd April
Penrith Panthers v Newcastle Knights10:50
Friday 23rd April
Gold Coast Titans v South Sydney Rabbitohs09:00
Parramatta Eels v Brisbane Broncos10:55
Saturday 24th April
Cronulla Sharks v Canterbury Bulldogs08:30
North Queensland Cowboys v Canberra Raiders10:35
Sunday 25th April
Wests Tigers v Manly Sea Eagles04:45
Sydney Roosters v St George-Illawarra Dragons07:05
Melbourne Storm v New Zealand Warriors09:15
Thursday 29th April
Canberra Raiders v South Sydney Rabbitohs10:50
Friday 30th April
Melbourne Storm v Cronulla Sharks09:00
Brisbane Broncos v Gold Coast Titans10:55
Saturday 1st May
Penrith Panthers v Manly Sea Eagles06:00
Canterbury Bulldogs v Parramatta Eels08:30
Newcastle Knights v Sydney Roosters10:35
Sunday 2nd May
New Zealand Warriors v North Queensland Cowboys05:00
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Wests Tigers07:05
Thursday 6th May
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Melbourne Storm10:50
Friday 7th May
Penrith Panthers v Cronulla Sharks09:00
Parramatta Eels v Sydney Roosters10:55
Saturday 8th May
Canberra Raiders v Newcastle Knights06:00
Wests Tigers v Gold Coast Titans08:30
North Queensland Cowboys v Brisbane Broncos10:35
Sunday 9th May
Manly Sea Eagles v New Zealand Warriors05:00
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Canterbury Bulldogs07:05
Magic Round - all games at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Friday 14th May
West Tigers v Newcastle Knights09:00
Manly Sea Eagles v Brisbane Broncos11:05
Saturday 15th May
Canterbury Bulldogs v Canberra Raiders06:00
Cronulla Sharks v South Sydney Rabbitohs08:30
Sydney Roosters v North Queensland Cowboys10:45
Sunday 16th May
Melbourne Storm v St George-Illawarra Dragons07:05
Gold Coast Titans v Penrith Panthers09:25
Thursday 20th May
North Queensland Cowboys v Newcastle Knights10:50
Friday 21st May
New Zealand Warriors v Wests Tigers09:00
Cronulla Sharks v St George-Illawarra Dragons10:55
Saturday 22nd May
Gold Coast Titans v Canterbury Bulldogs06:00
Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos08:30
Canberra Raiders v Melbourne Storm10:35
Sunday 23rd May
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers05:00
Parramatta Eels v Manly Sea Eagles07:05
Thursday 27th May
Brisbane Broncos v Melbourne Storm10:50
Friday 28th May
North Queensland Cowboys v New Zealand Warriors09:00
Wests Tigers v St George-Illawarra Dragons10:55
Saturday 29th May
Penrith Panthers v Canterbury Bulldogs06:00
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Parramatta Eels08:30
Sydney Roosters v Canberra Raiders10:35
Sunday 30th May
Cronulla Sharks v Gold Coast Titans05:00
Newcastle Knights v Manly Sea Eagles07:05
Thursday 3rd June
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Brisbane Broncos10:50
Friday 4th June
Wests Tigers v Penrith Panthers10:55
Saturday 5th June
Melbourne Storm v Gold Coast Titans10:35
Sunday 6th June
Newcastle Knights v Parramatta Eels07:05
Byes: Canberra Raiders, Canterbury Bulldogs, Cronulla Sharks, Manly Sea Eagles, New Zealand Warriors, North Queensland Cowboys,South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney Roosters
Friday 11th June
Manly Sea Eagles v North Queensland Cowboys09:00
Cronulla Sharks v Penrith Panthers10:55
Saturday 12th June
Gold Coast Titans v Sydney Roosters06:00
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Newcastle Knights08:30
Canberra Raiders v Brisbane Broncos10:35
Sunday 13th June
New Zealand Warriors v Melbourne Storm05:00
Parramatta Eels v Wests Tigers07:05
Monday 14th June
Canterbury Bulldogs v St George-Illawarra Dragons07:00
Thursday 17th June
Brisbane Broncos v South Sydney Rabbitohs10:50
Friday 18th June
North Queensland Cowboys v Cronulla Sharks09:00
Penrith Panthers v Sydney Roosters10:55
Saturday 19th June
Newcastle Knights v New Zealand Warriors06:00
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Canberra Raiders08:30
Melbourne Storm v Wests Tigers10:35
Sunday 20th June
Parramatta Eels v Canterbury Bulldogs05:00
Gold Coast Titans v Manly Sea Eagles07:05
Thursday 1st July
Sydney Roosters v Melbourne Storm10:50
Friday 2nd July
New Zealand Warriors v St George-Illawarra Dragons09:00
Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels10:55
Saturday 3rd July
Canterbury Bulldogs v Manly Sea Eagles06:00
Canberra Raiders v Gold Coast Titans08:30
Newcastle Knights v North Queensland Cowboys10:35
Sunday 4th July
Brisbane Broncos v Cronulla Sharks05:00
Wests Tigers v South Sydney Rabbitohs07:05
Thursday 8th July
Manly Sea Eagles v Canberra Raiders10:50
Friday 9th July
South Sydney Rabbitohs v North Queensland Cowboys10:55
Saturday 10th July
Canterbury Bulldogs v Sydney Roosters10:35
Sunday 11th July
Cronulla Sharks v New Zealand Warriors07:05
Byes: Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast Titans, Melbourne Storm, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels, Penrith Panthers, St George-Illawarra Dragons, Wests Tigers
Friday 16th July
Gold Coast Titans v Parramatta Eels09:00
Manly Sea Eagles v St George-Illawarra Dragons10:55
Saturday 17th July
Canberra Raiders v Cronulla Sharks06:00
North Queensland Cowboys v Sydney Roosters08:30
Melbourne Storm v Newcastle Knights10:35
Sunday 18th July
New Zealand Warriors v Penrith Panthers05:00
Brisbane Broncos v Wests Tigers07:05
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Canterbury Bulldogs09:15
Thursday 22nd July
Parramatta Eels v Canberra Raiders10:50
Friday 23rd July
Sydney Roosters v Newcastle Knights09:00
North Queensland Cowboys v Melbourne Storm10:55
Saturday 24th July
South Sydney Rabbitohs v New Zealand Warriors06:00
Manly Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers08:30
Penrith Panthers v Brisbane Broncos10:35
Sunday 25th July
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Gold Coast Titans05:00
Canterbury Bulldogs v Cronulla Sharks07:05
Thursday 29th July
Sydney Roosters v Parramatta Eels10:50
Friday 30th July
Wests Tigers v New Zealand Warriors09:00
Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys10:55
Saturday 31st July
St George-Illawarra Dragons v South Sydney Rabbitohs06:00
Newcastle Knights v Canberra Raiders08:30
Melbourne Storm v Penrith Panthers10:35
Sunday 1st August
Canterbury Bulldogs v Gold Coast Titans05:00
Cronulla Sharks v Manly Sea Eagles07:05
Thursday 5th August
Newcastle Knights v Brisbane Broncos10:50
Friday 6th August
Canberra Raiders v St George-Illawarra Dragons09:00
Parramatta Eels v South Sydney Rabbitohs10:55
Saturday 7th August
New Zealand Warriors v Cronulla Sharks06:00
Sydney Roosters v Penrith Panthers08:30
Manly Sea Eagles v Melbourne Storm10:35
Sunday 8th August
Canterbury Bulldogs v Wests Tigers05:00
Gold Coast Titans v North Queensland Cowboys07:05
Thursday 12th August
Melbourne Storm v Canberra Raiders10:50
Friday 13th August
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Penrith Panthers09:00
Brisbane Broncos v Sydney Roosters10:55
Saturday 14th August
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Gold Coast Titans06:00
North Queensland Cowboys v Wests Tigers08:30
Manly Sea Eagles v Parramatta Eels10:35
Sunday 15th August
New Zealand Warriors v Canterbury Bulldogs05:00
Cronulla Sharks v Newcastle Knights07:05
Thursday 19th August
Gold Coast Titans v Melbourne Storm10:50
Friday 20th August
Canberra Raiders v Manly Sea Eagles09:00
Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs10:55
Saturday 21st August
Wests Tigers v Cronulla Sharks06:00
Canterbury Bulldogs v Newcastle Knights08:30
Parramatta Eels v North Queensland Cowboys10:35
Sunday 22nd August
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Sydney Roosters05:00
Brisbane Broncos v New Zealand Warriors07:05
Thursday 26th August
Newcastle Knights v Gold Coast Titans10:50
Friday 27th August
New Zealand Warriors v Canberra Raiders09:00
Sydney Roosters v South Sydney Rabbitohs10:55
Saturday 28th August
St George-Illawarra Dragons v North Queensland Cowboys06:00
Cronulla Sharks v Brisbane Broncos08:30
Melbourne Storm v Parramatta Eels10:35
Sunday 29th August
Manly Sea Eagles v Canterbury Bulldogs05:00
Penrith Panthers v Wests Tigers07:05
Thursday 2nd September
Canberra Raiders v Sydney Roosters10:50
Friday 3rd September
Cronulla Sharks v Melbourne Storm09:00
Parramatta Eels v Penrith Panthers10:55
Saturday 4th September
Brisbane Broncos v Newcastle Knights06:00
North Queensland Cowboys v Manly Sea Eagles08:30
South Sydney Rabbitohs v St George-Illawarra Dragons10:35
Sunday 5th September
Gold Coast Titans v New Zealand Warriors05:00
Wests Tigers v Canterbury Bulldog07:05

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