A late try by the `Team Bev’ centre, Pero Madžarević, gave his side a thrilling 42-40 Risman Cup win, in the the now-traditional opener to the Serbian domestic season.

The match, which showcases the best talent from local clubs, is played between two select sides, for a cup named for Rugby League Hall of Famer, Gus Risman.

`Team John’: is named for Gus Risman’s elder son, John – a former Serbian Coach who played a key part in the development of Rugby League in Serbia, after it was re-founded in 2001.  `Team Bev’: is named for the younger son – legendary dual-code Lions tourist and Hall of Famer himself, Bev Risman.

‘Team Bev’ quickly stormed to 22-0 lead this year, posting the opening four tries, but by half time the holders (`Team John) had cut the deficit to 32-18, and the turnaround was complete by the 65th minute when second-rower, Mile Potkoljnjak, crossed for ‘Team John’s fourth unanswered try.

In the dying minutes of the game, however, Madžarević’s second touchdown – converted by Džavid Jašari – gave ‘Team Bev’ the bragging rights this year.

A great game to kick off the club season which starts in early March, and useful also to the Serbian national team, which is aiming to expand its player base for the 2017 World Cup Qualifiers, to be played later this year.


Dragan Janković, Miloš Đurković, Leo Dodić, Aleksa Radić, Stefan Arsić, Branko Čarapić, Vladimir Milutinović, Žarko Kovačević, Stefan. Vukanović, Nikola Srbljanin, Miodrag Tomić, Mile Potkoljnjak, Stefan. Nedeljković
Subs: Slobodan Manak, Velibor Ristić, Mihajlo Jović.

Tries: Stefan Nedeljković (17’), Dragan Janković (27’, 65’), Žarko Kovačević (40’, 49’), Nikola Srbljanin (46’), Mile Potkoljnjak (54’)
Goals: Stefan Nedeljković 6/7


Pavle Vojinović, Petar Milanović, Miloš Čalić, Pero Madžarević, Džavid Jašari, Dragan Vasiljević, Vlado Kušić, Vladislav Dedić, Stefan Ilić, Milan Čobanović, Miloš Aleksić, Marko Milenković, Dario Abidinović
Subs: Ivan Ivanović, Vladan Stanić, Lazar Kojić, Nemanja Božić.

Tries: Pero Madžarević (2’, 75’), Petar Milanović (6’), Marko Milenković (10’), Džavid Jašari (13’), Vlado Kušić (33’), Dragan Vasiljević (36’), Nemanja Božić (43’)
Goals: Džavid Jašari 5/8