A Plea to Sky Sports

Last Saturday’s Hull derby was, in my opinion, the best game of the season so far in terms of pure excitement, which is what Rugby League ideally should be all about.

Running, passing, tackling, kicking, toughness, commitment and great tries – all the key elements of Rugby League that we all want to see.

I thought it was a thriller from beginning to end, with both sides playing enterprising rugby, while also playing the game in the right spirit.

There was none of the nastiness that we had seen from Wigan the previous evening.

The supporters of both sides created a great atmosphere, although it was disappointing to see that there were no spectators in the upper tier of the stadium, which was apparently at the behest of the stadium management company.

Nothing perhaps better illustrates the tension between the stadium owners and the Hull FC owner Adam Pearson.

The one thing we can say with certainty is that the game deserved a full house. There should have been people banging on the door trying to get in, while being turned away with the ‘house full’ signs around the stadium.

Hull probably deserved to win, not least because they were on the wrong end of three decisions by the video-referee turning down claims for tries that all seemed to have at least some chance of success.

And this is where I find Sky’s coverage of the game frustrating.

If the game had been on the BBC, we would have heard the deliberations of the video-referee, who on Saturday was Ben Thaler.

But for some reason Sky don’t allow us to listen to the video-ref’s decision being made and explained.

It’s almost as though Sky don’t want to broadcast the video-referee’s deliberations because the BBC do it.

Surely they must realise that to hear the video-referee enhances the viewing experience.

Last week Hull owner Adam Pearson gave an interview in which he made dire predictions about the future of Rugby League if we don’t secure some additional funds to help the clubs that need them.

I can understand Adam’s concern, as I can anyone who owns a Rugby League club at the moment.

It hasn’t been an easy period.

Nonetheless, I wish our club owners would devote as much time promoting their matches as decrying the game’s parlous economic state.

With games like the one we saw on Saturday, surely we have something truly worth selling.