Abdull: Radford turned my career around

Hull FC youngster Jordan Abdull has credited coach Lee Radford with saving his career, admitting he was overweight and in danger of wasting his potential 12 months ago.

Abdull, in an interview with the Hull Daily Mail, has revealed that Radford has had a dramatic impact on his fledgling career, saying that after being told to work hard by the boss, he is now fully reaping the rewards.

“I was a little bit overweight at the end of 2013 and I had let myself go physically,” Abdull told the Hull Daily Mail.

“Radders came in as head coach and told me I had all the potential in the world and not to waste it.

“The fact the head coach had sat me down and told me about the potential he saw in me and his faith in me, it had a major impact. I buckled down and worked hard and saw the results.”