Adrian Lam plays down talk from Shaun Edwards casting doubt over Wigan arrival

Wigan Warriors head coach Adrian Lam has insisted speculation over whether Shaun Edwards will indeed succeed him at the club next season is something he isn’t interested in.

Edwards has once again cast doubt over his planned arrival at Wigan in 2020 by giving an interview with the Today programme on Radio 4, discussing ‘when and if’ he takes charge at the reigning Super League champions next season.

“When and if that challenge comes along I’ll be ready to try to answer that challenge,” Edwards said during the interview, before continuing: “If I do a year or two in Wigan or whatever, there’s plenty of time to come back to rugby union.”

But when asked about whether Edwards’ comments may impact on Lam’s own long-term plans, the current Wigan coach remained defiant that he hasn’t been told the plan for him to step aside at the end of this season has changed.

He said: “I’ve not been told any different. I only know what I know at the moment. I don’t know what the rumour is around Shaun or whatever – and I’ve just got to make sure I focus on getting us back to winning ways at Wigan and not letting any of the outside influences matter. I’ve got to focus on me and I haven’t heard anything else.”

When asked if he has considered the possibility of staying at Wigan for more than one season, Lam insisted: “I haven’t considered anything. I haven’t spoken to anyone about it and I’m not interested in talking about it. I’m contracted for one year at the moment, that’s where I sit, and talking about that will detract from what my role is here and now.”

It is not the first time Edwards’ planned arrival has been thrown into question by the man himself. Earlier this year, Edwards admitted that if Lam was a roaring success with Wigan in 2019, he may not arrive as planned.

That was played down by Wigan owner Ian Lenagan – but it appears as though the topic has reared its head once again.