Agar bemoans Leeds’ defence

Richard Agar bemoaned his side’s defensive weaknesses as Leeds succumbed to a 30-8 defeat at the hands of Castleford.

The Rhinos conceded five tries as they suffered a fourth defeat in five games.

The result leaves Leeds just two points ahead of bottom side London, who have a game in hand.

“It’s probably important to point out that people within the group want to do something about it and care about it,” Agar said.

“I asked for an improved effort and I think we got that in certain areas. But our lack of quality in certain areas is hurting us badly.

“I don’t think our resilience in defence and ability to consistently win tackles is just not good enough to stay in a game. They marched us downfield quite easily, and with our infield kicking game way off and not up to scratch, we spent a lot of time playing in our own half and without the ball.

“The quality that we’re delivering in certain areas need to be much better.”