Albert Kelly: KR need to be ‘boring’

Hull KR’s star halfback Albert Kelly has called on his team to ‘boring’ in their quest to stay in Super League.

Handling errors proved costly for Rovers in defeat to Leeds last week, with their hard work undone by countless errors that saw their completion rate below standard.

That will need to improve when they take on Salford this week, in a game that has taken extra importance following Leigh’s victory over the Red Devils on Saturday, which has left the competition wide open.

Although Kelly refused to be overly critical of the team, he did speak of the need to be more conservative at the right times.

“I think at the end of the day, we’ve got to play ‘boring’, or be more conservative,” Kelly told the Hull Daily Mail. “At times against Leeds, we panicked. It does fall on us in the spine to get that completion rate up, we’re the kickers and organisers.

“Some errors you can’t help because we’re trying new things. Salford throw the ball around a lot more than Leeds and we definitely need to change up our game a bit. We’ve got to focus on completion rates.

“It’s upon our players to step up and try to make that a reality this Friday. We had too many errors and find ourselves chasing the game. We try a lot of things but errors come off the back of them. That’s what killed us out there, our 59 per cent completion rate.

“It shows what team we have that we can remain in the battle but if you don’t complete high like other teams, it’s tough and Leeds was a tough one to take.”