Anderson “couldn’t care less” about Ferres factor

Huddersfield Giants coach Paul Anderson has insisted that he “couldn’t care less” about his side’s first meeting with former star Brett Ferres on Friday night.

The Giants lock horns with West Yorkshire rivals Leeds, who signed Ferres from them late last year following an acrimonious split from Huddersfield.

And Anderson insists that with both teams still to pick up a win in 2016, the only thing that matters is picking up two points and getting up and running for the new season. He also reiterated that the club has moved on from Ferres’ departure.

“I personally couldn’t care less about that, to be honest,” Anderson said earlier this week.

“We’ve all moved on from that now, and there are certainly bigger issues than this.

“Tomorrow night is a game between two teams desperate for a win, and making sure it’s us is our sole focus. That’s the only thing that really matters right now.

Anderson also said both teams are “desperate” for a victory.

“There’s two teams desperate for a win there; historically its a top three tie and we’ll figure some ways to come up with a win and try and play – we’ve just got to do that, just play.”