Anderson satisfied with pre-season training so far


Paul Anderson has admitted that tweaking the club’s pre-season regime has reaped benefits this pre-season.

The Giants have returned to training after a short festive break, with the focus now shifting to the upcoming warm-up games, starting with Halifax on January 10th.

This season has seen Huddersfield’s coaching staff focus more specifically on each individual rather than the squad as a whole, and Anderson believes it has paid off so far.

“I think previously this time last year we had just done a big block of running and that made us a very hard working team, but this year it has probably been more tailored to individual needs through John [Noonan] and Josh [Taylor] and the things that they do,” he told the club’s official website.

“The young players have been managed as well as the older blokes and we had to give them the best opportunities to make the gains that they need and for every individual their programme is tailored to what they need, so it is giving everyone a chance rather than being generic.

“There have been a lot of gains made by individuals, sometimes you just need to freshen players up and we had a good fresh approach last year by the moving to the Giants Training Centre and it was this year that we felt like we needed to find that extra edge.

“Our challenge this year was more about size with people and more strength and to get a lot more power based in what we do and I think we are on the way to achieving those goals. Obviously it is an ongoing process and we have still got another month to six weeks before we need to be ready to go for round one, so it is still a working progress.

“Having Jerry [McGillvary] and Leroy [Cudjoe] come back in just before Christmas has definitely freshened the place up because it then enables us to kick onto another level and we can start doing more things and work as a team and the thing that we have to be is ready come round one.”