Anderson slams “abysmal” Giants

Giants chief Paul Anderson insisted certain players would not play for the Giants again if they replicated their performances in the 46-26 defeat to Catalans.

An 11-minute hat-trick from former Giants winger Jodie Broughton put a real dampner on the day the club announced the signing of halfback Ryan Brierley.

A Joe Wardle sending off only made matters worse for Anderson, but he refused to use that as an excuse for his team’s showing.

“If we wanted to we could use the sending off as an excuse to paper over the cracks,” he said.

“But I thought over the course of the game we got what we deserved when you turn up with an attitude like that.

“To go from 0-12 down to 20-12 up, it stinks, because quite clearly at some point you’ve decided to crack on with your job.

“Some of it was abysmal and if I’m honest they gave in.

“It all comes down to attitude and if people choose to play like that, they won’t be playing for the Giants. There will be some uncomfortable people tomorrow because that is not acceptable.

“We’ve been in this position before, and we have to make a choice towards working hard and sticking to processes. It’s my job to fix this up.”