Andrew Henderson insists he is committed to London Broncos regrowth

Andrew Henderson admits he is committed to continuing the rise of London Broncos after snapping up the Championship Coach of the Year award last week.

Henderson was recognised for consolidating London as a top-end Championship club after securing a second consecutive second-place finish in the Championship.

Although their Super League aspirations have been put on hold for another year after a sixth-place finish in the Qualifiers, Henderson believes his club is on the right path to make a return to Super League once again.

“We’ve made some really good progress,” he said.

“Especially off the field. Our youth setup has got stronger, we’ve stabilised as a club, we’ve moved back to the right area of London where our fanbase is. We’re just growing and I think we’re heading in the right direction. I think London has had its knockers in the past and rightly so. I think we’re adding some value to the British game.

“We’re spreading the gospel down here. We’re giving kids the opportunity to be exposed to Rugby League. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have the support that some of the other clubs have, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“I know we’ve been in London for 38 years, but the club has never laid its roots anywhere. We have been moving around for a number of years, but I’d like to think for the first time we will put our roots in London and Ealing and go from there.”

He continued: “To say predict when we will be back in Super League is very difficult. But what I do know and trust is that we are putting the right system and structures in place.”