Sims loving the lifestyle

Whilst most of us have been continuously moaning about the horrific weather recently, one man has absolutely loved it.

Warrington Wolves star Ashton Sims wouldn’t be the most obvious admirer of the foul English weather given his lengthy career in the NRL, however speaking to, the Fijian international has expressed his love for the damp and drizzly conditions… because it is saving him a lot of washing.

“I don’t mind cold weather because I’m bad for sweating,” said Sims.

“With the heat I go through two or three sets of clothes a day, but over here I can just go through the one set of clothes a day which is handy! The weather is a tough gig to get used to but it’s not so bad.”

In a wide ranging interview, that shall be available to read in this week’s League Express, Sims has admitted that he is delighted with life in England.

“I’ve loved it,” he said.

“It is a lot different to what I’m used to but I’m really grateful that I’ve come over and to a really good club that have been great to me. I’m so looking forward to this year. It’s a little bit jittery training hard at the minute but once the games come around it’s going to be great. We have good competition for spots and that’s healthy for any club.”