Aston launches a scathing attack towards the city of Sheffield

Sheffield’s director of rugby Mark Aston is set to tell his players to find other clubs, after claiming there is nothing to stay for at the club.

A torrid season has seen the club endure financial difficulties and a relegation dogfight in their first year as a full-time club, while the club is still without a home and potentially at risk of missing out on a new community stadium due to their financial problems, with Aston claiming a lack of support from the city has put investors off.

Aston, who has been at the heart of the club ever since it came out of the ashes following an ill-fated merger with the Huddersfield Giants, now claims the club is at serious risk of being ‘dead and buried’.

“Are we the city of sport? Who said so? Who wants to put that stamp on us? These people are the people that are responsible at this moment in time,” he told the Sheffield Star.

“We are in the middle of a battle that’s going on between a couple of groups in the city.

“Seventeen years ago we stood united with the fans to keep this team alive in Sheffield.

“I’m going to have to sit down with the players and say you need to look elsewhere. I can’t look them in the eyes and say stay here if there is nothing here.

“We fought and we clawed to start it. Now they want us to fight again. We are fighting against the city because we haven’t got its support.”