Australia and Tonga in talks to stage Test match in New York later this year

Could international rugby league be about to return to the United States sooner, rather than later?

It’s been reported that Australia and Tonga are earmarking a one-off game in the States, specifically New York, later this year.

That news comes via and, although it would be a move emulating England and New Zealand’s game in Denver earlier this year, is being labelled by them as a step into ‘unchartered territory’.

TotalRL has been told no deal for the game has been finalised yet, but talks have definitely taken place between the parties in relation to potentially moving another international fixture to the United States.

With the Aussies slated for a game against New Zealand on October 13, this game would be likely to happen some time after that – guaranteeing less of an uproar than the Denver Test, which provoked a strong response from the NRL over the timing of the game.

“We don’t care where the match is played, we just want to play it,” said Tonga coach, Kristian Woolf.

“It’s important, from our point of view, that we build on the momentum of what has been built in the past 12 months.”