Australia extend lead at top of world rankings

Australia have strengthened their positions in the world rankings following their World Cup triumph.

The latest standings were released by the RLIF, with the Kangaroos now holding a 347 point advantage.

England remain third despite reaching the final, with New Zealand retaining second spot despite shock defeats to Tonga and Fiji.

The big movers are Lebanon, who have risen from 18th to ninth, while Tonga’s successful World Cup has seen them move from 11th to fourth.

Scotland have dropped three places to seventh after failing to win a game at the competition, while Ireland have also dropped down the rankings despite winning two of their games, with Tonga, Lebanon and Papua New Guinea all moving above them.

Wales have dropped three places to 12th while Fiji have moved up two places to fifth.

Men’s World Rankings

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. England
  4. Tonga
  5. Fiji
  6. Samoa
  7. Scotland
  8. France
  9. Lebanon
  10. PNG
  11. Ireland
  12. Wales
  13. Italy
  14. USA
  15. Jamaica
  16. Serbia
  17. Canada
  18. Malta
  19. Russia
  20. Belgium
  21. Spain
  22. Norway
  23. Greece
  24. Philippines
  25. Ukraine
  26. Czech Republic
  27. Netherlands
  28. Germany
  29. Hungary
  30. Cook Islands
  31. Sweden
  32. Chile
  33. Niue
  34. Denmark
  35. South Africa
  36. Vanuatu
  37. El Salvador
  38. Thailand
  39. Argentina
  40. Colombia
  41. Japan
  42. Solomon Islands
  43. Brazil
  44. Uruguay
  45. Hong Kong
  46. Bulgaria
  47. Latvia
  48. Morocco

Meanwhile, for the first time ever, a Women’s world rankings, with Australia topping the list following their World Cup triumph. England, like their male counterparts, occupy third place.

Women’s World Rankings

  1. Australia Women
  2. New Zealand Women
  3. England Women
  4. Canada Women
  5. Cook Islands Women
  6. Papua New Guinea Women
  7. France Women
  8. Italy Women
  9. Lebanon Women