Beached up in Wales…

SWANSEA Bay will be the focal point of a new drive this summer by the Wales Rugby League to attract new players and referees.

The WRL has agreed a partnership with Beach Rugby Wales and will help co-ordinate a tournament on the sands of Swansea on Saturday 22 July.

The aim is to promote Rugby League across Wales, in addition to developing opportunities for players and the public to become qualified referees.

Wales Rugby League also hopes to increase its player-base, for males and females.

Ashleigh Walters, the founder of Swansea-based Beach Rugby Wales, said: “We are delighted to be working with Wales Rugby League and we fondly remember matches at the Vetch Field, just 100 metres from our sandy stadium, back in the 1990s.

“It’s a great opportunity to open the doors to over 50 clubs which will hopefully help grow Rugby League in Wales and further afield.”

Both parties plan to use the event to further commercial opportunities and Walters said: “Sponsors can enjoy a great day out playing against other businesses, whilst enjoying a beer with their staff and families.

“Beach Rugby Wales is played mainly by union sides, invitation teams and groups of friends, but the style of play – physical touch – fits well with the physical Rugby League brand.”

WRL National Development Manager Idris Evans added: “We are really excited to be involved with this prestigious event. Beach Rugby is basically Rugby League without as much physicality so it ties in nicely with our sport.

“The event falls right in the middle of our season so we’re hoping to get some clubs along and have some fun; the day will provide us with a great opportunity to spread the word.”

Interested players or sponsors should email Beach Rugby Wales’ Commercial Director Gareth Howells at, or call 079 7487 3683.