Beaumont launches scathing attack on referees

Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont has blasted the standard of officiating in Super League.

Beaumont saw his side have a number of tries ruled out by the video referee in Leigh’s 38-0 defeat to Castleford on Monday and has previously revealed his frustration at other decisions given against his side.

He was left annoyed with a call in his side’s defeat to Wakefield several months ago, and he believes things have to change.

“We need to stand up as a sport and talk about it because it’s making our game look a laughing stock,” he told BBC Radio Manchester.

“It’s a joke shop. It’s incompetent and it’s not good enough.

“You talk to every owner and coach and they can’t say anything because they’re scared of getting fined. I don’t care about getting fined, I really genuinely don’t.

“It’s game-wide. Where’s the referee’s accountability? I want to see the referees do better. The game is too complicated when it can be so much simpler.

“I can control the controllables but I’m getting sick of things that I can’t control affecting me. Who deals with the referees when they don’t perform? They haven’t got enough of them and they aren’t good enough.”