Betts pleased with Widnes enthusiasm

Widnes chief Denis Betts admitted he was pleased with his side’s energy in their victory over Catalans, but believes they could have scored more points.

The Vikings picked up back-to-back wins for the first time this season to move them off the bottom of Super League.

Despite their lack of execution, Betts was pleased to get their second win in a week.

“They were carrying knocks and injuries and so were we but we’ve come out on top. On another day we score 40 points against them.

“We tried to speed it up, they tried to slow it down but we eventually got the better of them. They were travelling and we knew how we had to get them by playing fast.

“We could have been further ahead and I believe we’ve failed to shut the game down. It was a battle of energy and a case of who was the least beaten up on the back of three games in 10 days.

“Their discipline fell away in the end and we made the most of that.”

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