Betts provides recruitment update

Widnes head coach Denis Betts has insisted the club must remain patient in their search to sign new players.

Betts has made no secret of his desire to bring new players into the club, with only two signings secured ahead of the new season.

Tom Armstrong and Tom Olbison have arrived, but with the season less than a fortnight away, Betts was hoping that he would have recruited further.

With no quota spots available, Betts is working in a limited field, and believes he will have to play the waiting game to sign the right player.

“We’re just searching,” he told TotalRL.

“Out quota is full, so we’re just looking for the right person. There’s not a lot available in this country, so we’re keeping our powder dry and hopefully just being in the market when the right person does become available.”

One player Widnes will not be signing is Dane Chisholm, with Betts confirming that they would not be pursuing a deal for the former Bradford halfback.

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