Betts raises the stakes ahead of Widnes’ clash with London

Denis Betts has ignited the fire ahead of Widnes’ crucial clash with London after bullishly claiming not one member of the Broncos side would make his team.

The two teams lock horns on Saturday, with Widnes three points ahead of their capital counterparts with two games remaining.

London, who have aspirations of reaching the Million Pound Game, could see their hopes ended should they fall to a defeat against the Vikings.

With that fact enough of a motivational tool for Andrew Henderson’s side, Betts handed them a further incentive to impress by claiming his squad is the superior of the two.

“What we have to do this week is recognise where we are, shake off that little bit of anxiety and recognise that there isn’t one player in their team that would make our team,” he said.

“And be a little bit confident that we’re at home have the ability to win this game and win this game well and go out and prove that.”

He continued: “I don’t think they’re a million miles off it.

“The situation leading into these game is that they haven’t got anything to lose. They’re coming out, they’re playing and they’re enjoying it.

“They’re playing in a fearless manner and it gives them an opportunity to put you under pressure.

“It’s about controlling the anxiety which has always been the problem for a Super League team.”