Betts urges England to seize the moment as he looks for redemption 22 years on

A lot has happened in the 22 years since Denis Betts captained England in their last World Cup Final.

The Super League era has arrived and now has a 22-year history, the British game boasts a number of full-time clubs and the sport has taken to the summer.

Yet amidst the vast change Betts has overseen during the last two-and-a-bit decades, the anguish of that defeat in 1995 still lives on.

Betts captained Phil Larder’s side at Wembley as they were defeated 16-8 by Bob Fulton’s Kangaroos.

Over 8,000 days have passed since that defeat, and in that time Betts has ended his playing days and returned to the England set-up as their assistant coach. He hopes the England’s class of 2017 can avenge his side’s heartbreak.

“There are no second chances,” he said.

“You can’t go home, I know for a fact myself, and sit there for 22 years wishing you’d played better.

“I’ve not been involved with a national side since 2000 and to be a part of this group and journey these lads have been on and make the final, yes this would make up for it in spades.”

Betts’ message to the 17 who will take to the field on Saturday was simple.

“Win, or they’ll forget you were here.

“You want to look across from your position and see if I’m not at my best the players across from me will get over the top of me. I’ve to bring my best game and have to be the player I always dreamed of being since I was seven and pulled the boots on.”