The Big Debate: Should the Challenge Cup semi-finals be a double-header?

This week’s big debate on TotalRL is, perhaps somewhat inevitably, cup-related.

With the Challenge Cup semi-finals taking place this weekend, we’re asking the question: should the semi-finals of the sport’s most prestigious event become a double-header and take place on the same day?

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Yes – make them a double-header

This weekend’s cup semi-finals look likely to attract good crowds at both Doncaster and Warrington – but should the sport be aiming a touch higher than that? It’ll be great to see Doncaster full – according to the cup’s Twitter feed, at least – and Warrington near-full.

But should the sport be aiming bigger and trying to get all four teams under the same roof, making a blockbuster, unmissable event with a huge crowd? You immediately think of places like the Etihad Stadium, St James’ Park or even Elland Road as potential grounds which could bring in four of the sport’s biggest teams for one day of exciting action.

Heck, why not even throw in the women’s Challenge Cup final too and make it a triple-header! Magic Weekend has shown that the sport is capable of putting on big events like this: moving away from semi-finals on different days has to be the way to go for the cup now.

No – keep the semi-finals as they are

Why would we waste our time having two of the biggest games of the year in one day? It would kill the buzz surrounding Challenge Cup weekend – and would only further diminish the coverage the sport gets.

We need as many high-profile events on as many days as possible. So moving both games into the same day just does nothing for the practicality of rugby league’s profile in this country.

It’s as simple as that. The argument surrounding double-headers is valid – but not for rugby league’s most historic trophy.