Brad Dwyer to step out of the shadows ahead of Leeds debut

For any aspiring athlete the feeling of restraint is among the most frustrating to overcome.

It’s there where Brad Dwyer’s reasons to leave Warrington last year derive from.

Ever since breaking onto the scene as an 18-year-old, few have doubted the potential possessed by the explosive hooker.

But during his time with the Wolves there was always something keeping the glass ceiling above Dwyer’s head intact.

Coming through the ranks at Warrington, Dwyer’s first-team prospects were stifled by the partnership of Michael Monaghan and Micky Higham.

After that, the arrival of Daryl Clark prevented Dwyer becoming Warrington’s go-to guy.

So now, at 24, Dwyer has decided to opt for a change in the shape of a move to current Super League champions, Leeds.

The Rhinos face Dwyer’s old club first up at the start of the season.

However his focus is merely on realising his own potential at the Rhinos, rather than proving to Warrington what they have lost.

“I don’t really feel like I’ve reached the potential I do have,” he said.

“So it’s more a point to prove to myself and what I can really.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be at a great club like Warrington and played alongside some great nines. How you handle that is massive and I think I have handled it well, but in terms of pushing on and reaching my potential I don’t think I handled that well.

“I was going into games knowing that no matter what I did, I was going to get limited game time or the week after someone would come back from injury and I’d be pushed out of the team. I was pushing to do stuff I didn’t really need to do when I should have been focusing on the key skills in my job. I don’t think I did that, I was always trying to do something special.

“I don’t think it helps when you get branded as making an impact on a game. So when I was coming on I was trying to make that impact and sometimes you end up doing something stupid.

“It’s about now just trying to focus and calm down a bit really.”

Watch the full interview above.