Bradford Bulls CEO on Odsal lease and striving to become a Grade A rugby league club

WHEN the provisional grading points for all 36 professional clubs were released last year, Bradford Bulls were positioned 14th.

On 12.02 points, the Bulls acquired just 30 percent of the available three stadium points with the iconic Odsal Stadium letting the club’s overall position down.

In terms of the future of Bradford at Odsal, redevelopment talks have seemingly come and gone, with Bulls chief executive Jason Hirst set to meet with Bradford Council and the Rugby Football League at the back end of January to discuss the plan going forward.

“We are due to meet with Bradford Council and the RFL later this month to get an update with regards to the ground and its lease,” Hirst told League Express.

Though Odsal is one of the main focus points for the West Yorkshire club, Hirst isn’t putting other pressing issues to the wayside to concentrate on one avenue.

In fact, Bradford are aiming to become a Grade A club – but are currently 2.98 points off doing so – with Hirst acknowledging the hard work and determination needed to get to that point.

“As part of our continual business improvement process we’re looking for improvement across the whole business, not solely the five IMG pillars.

“We will publicly announce any significant IMG pillar related improvements as and when appropriate.

“We are striving to become a Grade A club, but that will obviously require time, money and support, particularly with regards to facilities at the Bradford Council owned, Odsal Stadium, so it wouldn’t be prudent to put a timescale on that, at this stage.”

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