Brian McDermott: “I am the Prince of Darkness”

There are many ways you could describe Leeds Rhinos head coach Brian McDermott, however the man himself has taken it to another level.

Anybody outside of the reigning champions would tell you the Rhinos’ Super League status is secure for next season, having won their four opening games of the Qualifiers.

However, in the build-up to Leeds’ game with part-timers Batley, McDermott made it abundantly clear that he is still cautious of an unlikely relegation dogfight.

Speaking to the media, McDermott revealed that he is always fearing the worst leading into games, before claiming that he is the Prince of Darkness!

“I said something to my coaches this week,” he said.

“I said ‘your job is to work out how to win, my job is to work out why we’ll lose’.

“I am the Prince of Darkness, warning everybody that life as we know it will end if we don’t win.

“That’s what I feel like at the moment but I make no apologies for that because there’s a lot at stake, we can’t mince around with these games, we can’t fluff around with these games because we’ve got to get the job done, and that’s where the players are at too.”

Leeds will be without Danny McGuire and Mitch Garbutt for the clash with the Bulldogs, as Leeds aim for a fifth consecutive victory in the Qualifiers.

“Magsy hasn’t come through again. We’ll miss Danny there, he’s a loss to us.

“He probably won’t be right for Huddersfield next week. It’s one of those frustrating things for Magsy, he’s had a frustrating year and it’s hurt us as well that he hasn’t played.

“Mitch Garbutt hasn’t made it with a calf strain so let’s hope that’s just a week thing. Anthony Mullally will come in there and get some game time.”