Smith fears for Wakefield’s future

Brian Smith has shared his concern for the future of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats following his resignation from the club.

The 61-year-old shocked the Rugby League world when he unexpectedly resigned on Tuesday following an indifferent start to the season.

He took to Facebook this morning to confirm he would be returning to Australia.

He posted: “What a great night with the true believers of WTW!”Thank you one and all.

“Bit of headache, sides still aching from lots of laughs. So many thank yous for sharing your own stories of love for a great old club.

“For those who want to know I am on my way home to Oz.

“My own health my family and those two lovely grandkids matter most to me.

“Others may not understand but heading the coaching part of a footy club where costs are cut to the bone takes a huge commitment and loads of energy.

“All coaches at every level count on support of all kinds to get the job done. That’s when it’s really fun and amazing things can happen – it happened at Hull FC and wow it happened at Bradford Bulls too.

“Lots of people said very nice things about me then but the truth was it was the belief and commitment of the whole place that led to great successes.

“You people who love WTW or are just footy lovers need to react before it’s too late for a great old club.

“Yes I believe it’s that serious.

“Ask better questions if you want to discover the REAL TRUTH.”

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter addressed the media yesterday and admitted to having a ‘frosty’ relationship with the former head coach since Christmas, although he admitted that he was stunned by his departure.

Stuart Dickens will take temporary charge of the team until an appointment is made, with Chris Chester the current favourite to take over.