British government releases statement in response to Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow’s statement that they have ‘blood on their hands’

The British government has responded to a statement by Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow that they have ‘blood on their hands’ for failing to release the £50 million for funds towards Motor Neurone Disease research.

Burrow took to BBC Breakfast where he was given a platform to describe the effects of the horrific disease: “I’ve heard it is curable but underfunded in the past, with the money supposedly coming from the government, the money Kev has raised, over £6 million, would start it off,” Burrow said.

“But this Tory government has blood on their hands because it kills six people every day.”

In response, the British government has released this statement: “We have invested millions of pounds into motor neurone disease (MND) research leading to major advances in how the disease is understood and we remain committed to spending at least another £50 million to help find a cure for this awful illness.”

Burrow’s lifelong friend and former teammate Kevin Sinfield spoke out against the government early last week, stating: “I wouldn’t say anger, I’ve got some disappointment because they have been lost and left for so long.

“Something I think about regularly, this has been a huge part of my life for a couple of years as has spending time with Rob.

“My concern is if that campaign hadn’t started a couple of years ago, where would we be?

“Rob and co have done brilliant work with government to secure £50 million in funding but why hasn’t that funding been handed over yet?

“I understand that with anything like this, there is an element of red tape but then I look at some of the other ways they have spent money and I don’t think they have been scrutinised in the same way this has.

“That’s what I don’t understand disappoints me because there is people dying and families are being ravaged and being left.

“I can’t see any valid reason why this money is being held back – this is important that this comes across and the scientists work together and we move the dial forward.

“The £50 million is for research and there is nothing in there that helps families and all those other things that people don’t think of.”