Bulls announce new shareholder

Bradford Bulls have announced that local businessman Andrew Calvert has become a shareholder in the club and will be the Bulls Financial Director.
Calvert is a lifelong supporter of the club and he is delighted to come on board.
“This club is a big part of my life and I’ve been coming here since the age of 10. That was in the Keith Mumby era and I remember all the dark times with Northern and glory days with the Bulls.
“Although I’m a lifelong fan, the main reason I’m on board is that I think I can help from a business perspective.  I believe there are a lot of positive things we can do at the club and a lot of improvement to make.
“I believe we will get this business turned around very quickly because we’ve got people with different core skills sets. If you look at the successful club nowadays, they get their off-field activities right and that’s what allows them to sign better players.”
Bulls Director Mark Moore is confident the club can now move forward. “We are not investors in name only – we all have key responsibilities too and it’s now down to us to do the job.
“There are four shareholders and no-one has a majority share, so we’re all singing from the hymn sheet. That’s why it’s going to work.
“We had a really good meeting with the RFL yesterday and have further meetings on Friday and Tuesday. We’re hoping for some good news very soon.”
The new company will hold its first official Board Meeting today at which Andrew Calvert’s position will ratified and Ian Watt will be appointed Managing Director with Robbie Hunter-Paul being confirmed as the Club’s CEO.