Bulls plan Odsal return

Bradford Bulls could return to Odsal next year as talks to take the Bulls back to the city advance.

League Express can reveal the Bulls have opened dialogue over the prospect of playing games at Odsal next season, though they would be on the basis games are behind closed doors.

The Bulls left their spiritual home at the end of last season and started the season at the Tetley’s Stadium, the home of Dewsbury Rams.

When contacted by League Express, Bulls chief executive Mark Sawyer said: “There is lots of work to be done on it.

“We’re talking and saying if we have to play matches behind closed doors, could we use Odsal? The door is open and we’re trying to get in there and they’re keen to get us in there.

“If crowds are in there it wouldn’t pass the safety certificate. We’ve put a proposal to Bradford City Council asking if can we play behind closed doors and in principle they’ve said that’s achievable.

“Nobody wants to play behind closed doors but if there was somewhere we could play some matches, it has a lot of support from clubs for us doing that to stream some matches that give supporters something.

“We’ve got to put a deal to the RFL as they’re freeholders, but we’re hopeful we should be able to get some matches there next season.”

He continued: “We have some terms of reference, the RFL have their hands full in the next week or two that will take up their time, the TV deal is important, there’s Toronto and a few other things. When they’ve got a bit more time on their hands we’ll get on with making our move to get back to Odsal.”

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