Bulls players to be paid today

Bradford Bulls players will have their wages paid in full today, the club has confirmed.

All staff were due to be paid on Wednesday, November 30, but ‘logistical challenges’ resulted in a brief delay.

The club’s non-playing staff will be paid on Friday.

The statement reads: “There have been certain logistical challenges with the payroll system, but the playing and coaching staff of 65 people will be paid their salaries in full today.

“Resolution of the same logistical payroll issues means that the non-playing staff (of 68 people) will receive their salaries in full tomorrow, Friday 2nd December.

“The Joint Administrators and their staff have continued a process of due diligence with the interested parties.”

Gary Pettit, one of the joint administrators, said: “I am humbled by the way in which the players and staff at the Club have dealt with the Administration. It has been a genuine pleasure to see the dedication, professionalism and sheer graft exhibited by the players and staff.

“We have announced a sale of stock in the club shop at bargain prices, which has led to considerable extra work for the staff at very short notice. The staff have rolled up their sleeves and done that work quickly; this has helped inject valuable cash into the business.

“I would like to thank all those supporters who have come forward to support the Bradford Bulls in their hour of need. Despite the Administration, the fans’ faith is illustrated by the continued purchase of season tickets in the last week.

“I would also like to thank all of the players, fans and staff for their patience and understanding. They realise that – given the calibre and number of parties, who are undertaking due diligence – there remains some incredibly exciting opportunities ahead. I remain very impressed by the innovative strategies proposed.

“We continue to work from dawn until dusk (and beyond) to secure a sale of the club to the right bidder.”