Businessman pledges investment in developing Scottish Rugby League

An anonymous businessman has promised to invest £25,000 a year into a Scottish based Rugby League club.

The potential investor has spoken of their desire to help boost the sport in the country but recognises the size of the task at hand.

Currently, the national champions are Aberdeen Warriors, but their heavy defeat at the expense of amateur side Pilkington Recs highlighted the development still required.

However, having seen the impressive performances of Scotland in the Four Nations, they are keen to invest in the sport.

“I would be prepared to put in 25 grand a year, but it’s about putting roots down. You need the right business plan and the right people,” the potential investor told Herald Scotland.

“I’m ready to contribute to that but I don’t want to lead it and there should be a more senior investor than me.

He continued: “Ideally you would work towards having a ground that had a 500 seat stand in the first instance with the ability to have another 500 standing,” he said.

“The key is finding the right place to launch yourself. The RFL would give you seventy grand which helps to attract decent talent and you make up the rest with sponsorship etc.”