Can the Giants recover to beat Wigan tonight?

MARTYN SADLER gives Huddersfield Giants some advice before tonight’s Super League semi-final clash against Wigan Warriors at the DW Stadium.

How do you recover from a match that you looked certain to win, but which was snatched away from your grasp in the final seconds of the game?

That is a very interesting question that has faced Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson this week prior to tonight’s trip to Wigan.

And it’s a massive test for him as well as for his players.

I thought that the cards didn’t fall the Giants’ way last Friday night against Leeds at the John Smith’s Stadium, although we can only admire the Rhinos’ amazing resolve never to give up, even when the game seems to be slipping away from them.

The final ten minutes of that game should be recorded and replayed by coaches at all levels of Rugby League to illustrate how it’s never too late to come back.

There were some elements of bad luck that the Giants suffered from, but Leeds showed themselves to be far more streetwise than their opponents, and that’s the lesson the Giants need to learn. How can they be smarter and not give away needless penalties to opponents who can take advantage of them?

What the Giants can’t afford to do is feel sorry for themselves, or blame anyone other than themselves for their defeat on Friday.

Once they begin blaming referees, or anyone else, then any team has a losing mindset.

I hope we don’t see that from Huddersfield tonight at Wigan, and that we see a game that is as competitive as last Friday’s, regardless of who wins it.

A full match report and analysis from tonight’s game will feature in Monday’s edition of League Express