Canada Win Historic Junior International in Jamaica

Canada’s Junior Wolverines came out on top 24-4 against Jamaica U17s, in a tough and physical international test match at the Barbican Football Field in Kingston.  The historic encounter marked the first time both nations have fielded youth international teams.

“This was everything an international test match should be,” said Canadian team manager, Andy Blackburn. “It was an  intense end-to-end contest, with a final score that did not reflect how well matched the teams were.

“The only difference was that we took full advantage of our opportunities, and we defended our goal line repeatedly with a passion and physicality well beyond our boys playing experience. I couldn’t be more impressed with them.”

From the opening whistle, the Canadians were physical in their approach using their size advantage to out-muscle the nimble Jamaicans in midfield.

JRLA Director of rugby, Romeo Monteith, commented: “Canada were deserving winners. They played organized rugby league and stuck to the simple tasks, despite taking some heavy knocks. We played well in patches too, but our inability to move the ball around the park greatly affected our chances.

“The boys from both nations had a great experience and the fans were entertained by a fantastic game. Jamaica and Canada will continue to work together to create opportunities for our growing rugby league community; we hope to see many more events such as this.”