Cash windfall awaits pro-active amateur outfits

GRASSROOTS clubs and organisations are again being given the chance to raise much-needed funds, while supporting Rugby League charities, through the 2018 Community Game Raffle.

The Raffle will, as in previous years, involve the sale of tickets for £1, with 70p being retained by the selling club and 30p being passed on to Rugby League Cares, which is being supported in this year’s initiative by insurers `Protect My Income’, who offer a wide selection of player protection packages.

The glittering first prize is a fortnight’s holiday for two in Australia, at a time of the winner’s choosing, plus £500 spending money. And a range of other prizes include a weekend spa in Cheshire, an outdoor adventure, a family theme park ticket, a Range Rover driving experience, a Samsung 40-inch television, a Blue Tooth wireless audio, a match-day ticket for all big Rugby League games, a Breezeboard go-cart, Oddballs merchandise, classic Great Britain Rugby League apparel, Rhinos Rugby League apparel and signed memorabilia.

There will, in addition, be monthly draws, to give clubs returning stubs and cash early the chance to win tickets to big games and other merchandise.

The Community Raffle has, since its launch a little over a decade ago, helped boost the coffers of amateur clubs and schools by over £400,000 and Chris Rostron, the Head of Rugby League Cares, said: “We are delighted that Protect My Income have agreed to become headline sponsors of the Community Game Raffle and are looking forward to working with them on this fantastic initiative.

“Money raised by previous Community Game Raffles has done so much good at grassroots level and I am sure community clubs across the country will take this opportunity to get involved.”

Tracy Herbert of Protect My Income said: “Protect My Income are delighted to become partners of Rugby League Cares and are looking forward to working with grassroots clubs and teams to help them raise funds through the 2018 Community Game Raffle.

“The prize packages are guaranteed to appeal to every Rugby League supporter. With a lot of hard work, energy and enthusiasm our aim is to help create a bigger and better Community Game Raffle, generating record amounts for all the clubs involved.

“We wholly respect the values of Rugby League Cares and their tireless work within the Rugby League community: Protect My Income are privileged to be part of the team.”

Tickets for onwards sale can be ordered by emailing