Castleford hand out lifetime bans to supporters

Castleford Tigers have handed out two-lifetime bans following the use of an incendiary device at their play-off game with Salford.

The club thanked fans for their information regarding the incident, which helped identify the culprits.

Castleford Tigers’ Safety Officer Ian Crawford has said: “The club will continue to hand out lifetime bans to anybody found guilty of these offences.

“Letting off these devices in stadiums is causing health problems to people who are breathing in the smoke, Rugby League has had numerous incidents in the 2019 season of smoke bombs and flares being set off inside the ground, this has resulted in a number of people requiring first aid and hospital treatment after breathing in the smoke from these devices.

“The Cas fans are amongst the best in the country for getting behind the team, it is vital that we don’t allow this small minority to spoil the gameday experience for everyone else.”