Castleford star responds to drug scandal accusations in best way possible

When Tom Holmes proudly posted a photo of himself on social media posing with the League Leaders’ Shield, he could have never anticipated the outrage that would follow.

The young Castleford halfback was caught up in a drugs storm after two suspicious looking lines on a nearby table were mistakenly taken as drugs.


The picture soon went viral as fans up and down the sport started to jump to conclusions and condemn Homes for his actions.

However, the image proved to be a very unfortunate misunderstanding. The lines ultimately proved to be harmless, and nothing more than a few blemishes on the table surface.

Seeing the funny side of things, Holmes made light of the situation with a follow-up post, replying with another picture making fun of those who had accused him of something far more sinister.

“Better fill in this chip in the wood for when we win our next trophy,” he tweeted, bringing a rather humorous conclusion to the short-running drugs story the sport has seen for some time.