Castleford Tigers boss Craig Lingard reacts to Wigan Warriors thrashing

CASTLEFORD TIGERS went down 60-6 to the Wigan Warriors in the Challenge Cup quarter-final this afternoon.

Down 28-0 after 23 minutes, the Tigers were never in the contest and as such crashed out of the cup at the second time of asking.

Castleford boss Craig Lingard was disappointed to say the least.

“I think if ever a game showed the difference between the top and the bottom of Super League then that was it,” Lingard said.

“Wigan were outstanding and we were very ordinary. We spoke at half-time about the game being really simple – if you defend tough and well then you get the ball back in good positions.

“It makes the game easier when we we do that but we weren’t willing to do that defensive side today.

“We sat back and let Wigan came at us. There were too many people with one-on-one misses and not putting their body in front.

“There are ways to win and lose games and that was certainly a way to lose a game. Regardless of those not playing, that wasn’t a way to win the game.

“It was way too easy. The first 20 minutes, you’ve got to impose yourself on a game and if you start defensively as weak as we did and let them score easy tries then your confidence increases as an attacking team.”

So what did Lingard say to the Castleford players after the game?

“I said it’s defensively we have got to be better. There are two sides in rugby league – an attacking one and a defensive one and if you get your defensive side right then your attacking side will become better.

“The start of the second-half, we had three tackles in the first 15 minutes. We kicked the ball twice on the first tackle in the second-half. If you’re playing without the ball then you’ve got to be smarter with it.

“Your execution and decision-making becomes affected and ultimately we’ve got to tackle harder.”

Lingard insists there are no positives from the result and that the team has to hurt.

“You can’t put the result behind you, it’s got to be at the forefront of your memory. If you forget about it then you will get the same on Friday.

“The players have got to fear another beating like that and if they don’t fear it then they will get the same again.

“You can respond by either standing up and being counted or just give in. We don’t want to be a team to give in.”

The Tigers boss hinted that he will be targeting the home clash against London Broncos on Friday 26 April with new recruits set to come in.

“I can’t take any positives from today. Alex Mellor got a whack on the shoulder too, Joe Westerman with his ankle again and he put his hand up to play.

“It’s important we try and get the players fit and ready for the London game ultimately. If there is anybody 50/50 then we will rest them.

“Hopefully we will get bodies in next week at some point. Conversations with other clubs are fluid because situations change based on injury records and positions they need to cover.”

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