Guasch and Koukash in war of words

Catalans Dragons chairman Bernard Guasch has sent an audacious response to Marwan Koukash following his criticisms of the club, offering to help him fill out their stadium and negotiate contracts.

Salford owner Koukash questioned the Dragons’ ability to stay under the salary cap while also questioning their importance to Super League.

The club didn’t respond to Koukash’s comments in the immediate aftermath, but Guasch has now responded by having his own dig at the Red Devils.

The statement reads: “Dear Marwan,

“We were used to better manners from the chairmen and owners from other Super League clubs.

“We are delighted of your recent arrival in our sport. As we did 10 years ago, you have brought a new impulse to the competition.

“I am available to discuss with you about how we negotiate contracts with players and their agents and our ability to fill our stadium.

“I invite you to spend few days in Perpignan to discuss this together, I’m sure a journey in the South of France will calm your anger.

“The entire Catalans Dragons club wish you, all the clubs and their fans a very enjoyable weekend at the unique and amazing event that is the Magic Weekend.”

Salford were docked six points earlier in the season for an alleged breach of the salary cap, a decision Koukash is appealing against.

However, Koukash responded on Friday morning with a reply to Guasch on Twitter: