“Their centre pretty much ripped my d*** off,” says star.

A Rugby League player has discussed the horror of having his penis ripped in a tackle.

Haydn Peacock, an Australian forward playing for AS Carcassonne, required 11 stitches after an opposition player tackled him by grabbing, and ripping, his crown jewels.

In what might well be the most gruesome injury in Rugby League history, Peacock revealed that skin had been torn off in the process during the Elite One match against UTC.

“When we played UTC the other week their centre pretty much ripped my d*** off,” Peacock told French Footy.

“I took the ball off the scrum and made a half break, and their centre has come across from the inside and reached out in a last-ditch effort and has got a hold of my d*** with one hand and pulled me down.

“The pain was all right and then at halftime I was like ‘I’ve got to have a look. I checked on it and the skin is half ripped off and I was like, ‘Sh**, where’s the doctor? Where’s the doctor?’

“They had to go and get the UTC doctor and he came in and checked it out and he was like, ‘Oh man, you’re going to have to go and get stitches’. So I had to go to the clinic that night and they had to put 11 stitches around it to put the skin back together.”

Staggeringly, Peacock managed to play the following match!

“I remember I had to strap it all up for the next game. I just had to go around it.

“The coach wanted me to go out and buy a cup but I’m not going to play with a cup, I’m not going to be able to run. I just had to heavily strap it. It’s all good (now). I got the stitches out and it’s all sweet. No dramas.”