Championship and League 1 clubs set for crunch talks

Championship and League 1 clubs will join for a meeting today where the possibility of voiding the season will be brought up.

There is a growing belief among a number of clubs that abandoning the season is both inevitable and financially sensible, with games behind closed doors seen as a disaster by many.

However, there are other clubs, such as Leigh, Featherstone and Newcastle, who are strongly opposed to the season being declared null and void and believe there is a duty to complete the campaign.

Clubs will discuss the matter today, though a vote to determine the future of the competition’s is not expected to take place today.

At present, clubs have furloughed their staff and with the majority, but not all, not owning their grounds, their operational costs aren’t substantial.

With clubs also still receiving money from Sky, they are not currently feeling the pinch as significantly as was feared.

However, the same clubs fear that resuming the season, which would mean taking staff off furlough, paying appearance and win bonuses as well as being unable to generate revenue from spectators, is not financially viable.

Testing is another factor that needs to be considered, but if feasible, there are clubs who believe they have a duty to their season ticket holders and corporate partners to make sure they get back on the field.