Championship preview: Sheffield v Featherstone

Sheffield Eagles coach Mark Aston hailed their win over Bradford Bulls as probably the best performance of the season. “I challenged them last week and got the perfect response,” he said. “I was highly delighted, it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

“For 80 minutes we were outstanding and in the first 60 were probably near perfection. Out of 21 sets in the first half we completed 20 and the one that we didn’t complete, the winger bounced the ball over the line in the act of scoring.

In the second half it was 14 out of 16 so we completed at 92 per cent, which gives you the key to your field position and building pressure. We certainly had a different attitude and commitment.

“Hopefully we can replicate that and carry on for the rest of the season. It’s just what the doctor ordered.”

The match against Featherstone Rovers on Sunday will mark the club’s 1,000th game. “It’s all about us this week, it’s not about Featherstone,” he said. “It’s about Sheffield repeating the standard that they set themselves last week. That’s what we’re looking at and focusing on – what can we do a little bit better than last week.

“We’ve spoken about it this week. We’re looking at a percentage improvement on certain things and Featherstone are going to have to be good.”

Half-backs Pat Walker and Cory Aston are available this week.