Chase’s tackle was “disgusting”, says McDermott

Leeds Rhinos coach Brian McDermott has insisted that Rangi Chase’s tackle which earned him a seven-match ban has no place in the game – labelling it “disgusting”.

Speaking at his weekly pre-match media briefing, McDermott also described the tackle – which has left Ferres sidelined for several months – as cowardly, and is keen to see the style of tackle eradicated from the game as soon as possible.

He said: “I can’t imagine why you’d aim so low and do it so aggressively. I think it is a disgusting tackle and it irritates me that those things are still in the game.

“Without trying to be controversial, it is wrong, just so wrong it’s untrue. It is not toughness.

“There’s a few words I know that get bandied about to describe those type of tackles. The teams that employ those type of tactics talk about malice or toughness, or butchering is another phrase I’ve heard.

“The only word I’ve got is cowardice. I hate it, I wish we could get just rid of that philosophy.”