Chester aiming high after Wakefield’s latest win

Wakefield boss Chris Chester has set his sights on fifth-placed Hull after Trinity eased to a 44-22 win over Widnes.

Chester watched on as Wakefield made light work of the struggling Vikings who remain rooted to the bottom of the table.

But it was a good day for the hosts, who are just six points off the playoffs, and two points off the Black and Whites.

And Chester is now setting his sights on another move up the league ladder.

“I’m not looking at the sides underneath us in truth,” he said.

“We’re two points off Hull in fifth now, and while we could have maybe done with a better for and against from today’s game, the facts are we’re two points from fifth.

“That’s what we’re looking at, not the likes of Catalans and Huddersfield below us. We’re eyeing up Hull and the teams above them.”

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