Clarification on Leigh Centurions story

Yesterday (Thursday 5 March), ran a story concerning a recent misconduct charge and Leigh Centurions Rugby League club.

In a lack of foresight, used a picture of Leigh half-back Ryan Brierley as the cover image.

In NO way whatsoever should that have been construed to suggest Brierley was the party directly involved in the misconduct charge – we can categorically state that he was not. understands and respects how hard Brierley works in the local community and how highly he is regarded as a role model for his work off of a Rugby League field.

Indeed, Brierley is a well-respected columnist for our sister magazine, Rugby League World.

The usage of that picture was done so as it was a Leigh Centurions image we had on our database, it certainly was not done to incriminate Brierley in any way, shape or fashion.

Having spoken to Brierley personally this morning to apologise for any confusion that may have been caused, we would like to do the same publicly.

Ryan was understandably concerned that the wrong idea could have been drawn from his image on an article of that type – and again, we would like to stress that IN NO WAY is Ryan Brierley directly associated to that story.

Ryan, and Leigh as a club, can only unreservedly apologise for any negative connotation that may have been construed. There was certainly no malice in our post, just a rather careless use of an image concerning Ryan that certainly should not have been used.

In interest, as soon as were made aware that the picture had caused Ryan upset, the whole post was immediately removed.